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5 Health Benefits of Riding ATV Rentals

Updated: Jan 22

Benefits of Riding ATV Rentals

Florida is undoubtedly one of the country's best locations for camping, off-road trails, and outdoor adventures. The Sunshine State is home to several national and state forests with extreme terrain diversity and varying weather conditions, making it the best destination for recreational ATV riding for novice and advanced riders.

Benefits of Riding ATV Rentals

As a result, ATV rentals are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities like Tampa, Brooksville, and Orlando, all within a 100-mile radius of the stunning Withlacoochee State Forest. However, riding rental ATVs offers much more than a thrilling off-road adventure with friends and family.

According to a study by York University, riding an all-terrain vehicle offers many physical and mental health benefits. The study also claims that a two-hour off-road riding session is equivalent to several self-paced activities like moderate-intensity gym workouts, swimming, and climbing.

At SHOWDOWN ATV, we offer more than a premium, deposit-free ATV rental service with powerful automatic/manual machines to explore over 3,000 acres of wooded trails. We aim to go beyond basic value offerings and entice more ATV and outdoor enthusiasts to opt for this lucrative recreational activity.

So, keep reading to learn about the five main health benefits of riding rental ATVs, and head to our trails for a self-guided ATV riding session with safety gear included.

5 Health Benefits of Riding Florida ATV Rentals

1. Increased Dopamine and Adrenaline Levels

Riding an ATV in a Florida forest is a great way to spend time in nature. The natural light, cool forest breeze, and stunning terrain can increase dopamine levels, improving your overall satisfaction levels. As our lifestyles become busier, we need to take a step back from routine and indulge in rejuvenating activities.

The excitement accompanying riding an all-terrain vehicle also increases your adrenaline levels, which increases your heart rate and sends more oxygen to your blood and muscles for improved circulation and performance. Heightened adrenaline levels can also improve your immunity, increasing your chances of fighting off infections, especially when exploring the outdoors.

2. Increased Vitamin D Levels

Florida isn’t regarded as the Sunshine State for no reason. The abundance of sunny weather and the forest shade provides just the right amount of sunshine vitamin. Increased Vitamin D levels can protect you from several health complications, including cancer, heart attacks, and stroke. Riding an ATV in the sun, especially during Spring and Summer, is also a great way to boost immunity and quickly ward off the seasonal affective disorder.

3. Enhanced Cardiovascular Performance

Off-road ATV riding increases your focus and reflexes by increasing your heart rate. The more you flex your cardiac muscles, the stronger and healthier your heart becomes. A study also revealed that riding an all-terrain vehicle can improve your musculoskeletal system and reduce the chances of becoming overweight or contracting diabetes while maintaining muscle mass.

Furthermore, the complex handling, gear shifting, and other aspects of riding an ATV optimize the use of your arms and leg muscles, which increases stamina and endurance.

4. Improved Cognitive Functioning

In recent years, people have started spending more time indoors, missing out on the great benefits the outdoors have to offer. As a result, we’ve been witnessing a rise in mental illness cases due to reduced activity levels.

By opting for a Tampa or Orlando ATV rental, you can shut down several stressors in your world, at least temporarily. For an hour or more, it’s just you and the trails, along with the several outdoor elements that work together to reduce cortisol levels and relieve muscle tension.

Moreover, handling a powerful piece of machinery on irregular terrain can improve motor skills and coordination and foster a better sense of balance. Changes in weather conditions can also enable riders to adapt quicker to the conditions at play and ensure safety.

5. Personal Development

Although personal development may not appear as a physical or mental health benefit, it’s perhaps one of the most important factors for improved fitness and well-being. According to the Institute of Outdoor Learning, outdoor pursuits can improve personal, social, and communication skills. Moreover, it can awaken and rekindle your sense of aesthetic and spatial awareness.

Riding an ATV involves operating a complex machine in potentially dangerous environments. By opting for a session on the trails, you can develop self-esteem, build better relationships with friends and family, and showcase greater appreciation and understanding of your surroundings.

By opting for self-guided ours, you can become a better problem solver when tackling the obstacles in the trails and working with others. All these events and practices can promote a positive response toward improved mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Ready to Embark on Your First ATV Ride?

ATV drives in Florida provide an excellent way to explore the outdoors and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Moreover, the health benefits of riding rental ATVs allow adventurists to recreation with fitness.

At SHOWDOWN ATV, we specialize in ATV rental adventures and offer an all-inclusive service encompassing a reliable fleet of automatic/manual ATVs, safety gear (helmets, gloves, etc.), and guides to help you find the best routes based on your abilities.

So, feel free to learn about our services and book a rental by calling {863)949-0496. We can accommodate up to 20 individuals in a group and welcome families with children ages 8-11.

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