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Withlacoochee Forest ATV Riding

Nestled within central Florida's lush Withlacoochee State Forest, Showdown ATV provides access to nearly 80 miles of authorized off-road trails perfect for exhilarating, scenic Withlacoochee ATV riding tours.  As the area's premier outfitter operating directly within the park, we help adventure-seekers experience the region's spectacular scenery and diverse ecosystems up close from the saddle of a 4-wheeler.

Whether you seek a peaceful ride under the forest canopy for families or a heart-thumping expedition across log ramp jumps and creeks for hardcore mudders, the variety of Withlacoochee ATV Riding trails has an adventure for every rider.

About Withlacoochee State Forest

Encompassing over 160,000 acres across five counties, the expansive Withlacoochee State Forest is the largest in Florida. Its habitats include sandhills, cypress domes, hardwood hammocks, pine flatwoods, and lush wet prairies.

Diverse wildlife like whitetail deer, wild turkey, and gopher tortoise call the preserve home. The forest also harbors rare plant species and some of the state's remaining old-growth longleaf pine communities. Its natural splendor and conservation efforts earned “green” certifications.

Within the forest, our rental operation resides along the Croom Off-Highway Vehicle Area. This encompasses over 33,000 acres for recreation like Withlacoochee ATV Riding. The zone contains roughly 80 miles of marked trails offering beginner-level lettered paths to challenging numbered courses traversing wooded hills, wetlands, and creek beds.

What's in Our Withlacoochee ATV Rentals?

As the original outfitter providing Withlacoochee ATV Riding rentals within the State Forest, Showdown ATV facilitates immersive experiences directly in the expansive preserve. Our guided tour options include:

  • Affordable ATV Rental

Showdown ATV takes pride in offering an extensive fleet of automatic and manual ATVs, ensuring affordability for every budget and catering to all skill levels. Our commitment to making off-road adventures in Withlacoochee State Forest accessible is further exemplified by complimentary hotel transport.

  • ATV Safety & Training

Safety is paramount at Showdown ATV. We provide all necessary safety gear, including helmets, and conduct comprehensive orientation sessions to ensure the security of our guests. Our emphasis on ATV safety and training ensures that riders can enjoy the thrill of off-road adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Group Events

Elevate your celebrations in Withlacoochee State Forest with adrenaline-pumping private ATV events at Showdown. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a bachelor's or bachelorette party, or a birthday celebration, we facilitate unforgettable group ATV experiences, creating lasting memories in the heart of Florida's scenic terrains.

  • Beginner ATV Riding

For those new to ATV adventures, Showdown offers lettered trails that gently roll over miles of scenic terrain. Our beginner-friendly trails provide the perfect introduction to ATV riding, allowing newcomers to embrace the thrill of off-road exploration with ease.

  • Kids ATV Riding

At Showdown ATV, family adventures are a priority. We provide special youth models and designated riding areas, ensuring that kids can join in the ATV excitement. Our commitment to family-friendly ATV experiences allows parents and children to create lasting memories together.

  • Florida Tourist ATV Rental

For thrill-seekers exploring Withlacoochee State Forest, Showdown ATV offers the perfect off-the-beaten-path adventure. Our Florida Tourist ATV Rental provides an exhilarating escape, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Sunshine State's landscapes.

  • Military Discount

Showdown ATV proudly honors active and former U.S. military members with discounted ATV tours. It's our gesture of gratitude for their service, providing an opportunity for military personnel to experience the excitement of off-road adventures at a special rate.

Why Choose Showdown ATV?

For nearly 15 years, Showdown ATV has been providing guided Withlacoochee ATV riding experiences within the State Forest's designated riding zone. Unlike competitors who do it miles away, our operation resides directly inside the preserve itself. This allows for delivering immersive tours through miles of its spectacular scenery.

As the area's original and foremost provider for the last decade and a half, we focus on every aspect of our rental offerings to craft safe, eco-friendly, and exciting adventures for all ages. Let us show you the real, untamed side of Florida, away from congested tourist areas, on an unforgettable ride.

To book your Withlacoochee ATV Riding session, feel free to call us at (863) 949-0496 or contact us here.

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