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Kids ATV Riding

Imagine feeling your heart race as muddy terrain kicks up under all-terrain tires. Who would not enjoy that? At Showdown ATV, your kiddo's gleeful laughter echoes through mossy forests as they master winding trails. We make it easy for kids and families to bond over safe, exhilarating ATV riding experiences in Florida's scenic landscapes. Witness imaginations come alive as we lead beginner riders through lush meadows and towering pines on routes packed with fun on our modern fleet of junior automatic ATVs. 

Then, watch them gain confidence to explore curvy hill climbs alongside you on premium adult performance models. As a leading provider of guided family ATV tours for over ten years, we maintain high safety standards so parents can relax on rides made magical by milewide smiles. Let us reveal your family's wild and adventurous sides with an off-road adventure.

About Our Kids ATV Riding Options

We offer guided ATV rides tailored for kids ages six and up when accompanied by adults. Our kid-sized ATVs include engine sizes under 100cc with convenient automatic transmissions requiring no manual gear shifting. These smaller utility ATV models stand shorter and lighter than standard models, ideal for easy handling by younger hands.

Younger children ride as passengers with an adult until age 6, when they can operate their machines. However, one guardian 21 years or older must accompany kids on every tour. We furnish all necessary safety gear like helmets and goggles while an expert guide leads the tour, instructing proper riding techniques to each age group. Courses range from our milder Mud Trot Trail to the more challenging Pit Brawl Loop.

Benefits of ATV Riding for Kids

ATV riding provides numerous developmental benefits for children alongside flat-out fun. Under proper supervision, this activity helps young riders gain confidence while building physical abilities and technical skills.

Physical exercise improves strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health as kids navigate trails. Operating age-appropriate ATVs also works on gross motor control through steering, braking, and managing varied terrain. Following safety protocols promotes listening and focusing skills critical for appropriate risk assessment.

Additionally, overcoming obstacles or learning new riding techniques builds self-assurance. Bonding with parents and other riders by sharing an exciting activity nurtures relationship skills and emotional intelligence. ATV adventures help children gain competence and maturity while making lasting memories.

Why Choose Showdown ATV for Kids Riding?

When it comes to creating thrilling, memorable outdoor experiences tailored for families, Showdown ATV rises above other outfitters in Central Florida. Our exceptional guides facilitate adventures suited to every rider’s age and abilities across miles of scenic trails. We also offer:

  • Modern fleet of automatic kids ATVs to build skills safely

  • Small group tour sizes to customize instruction

  • Family-friendly pricing deals for groups

  • Complimentary transportation from Orlando hotels

  • Professional guides with first aid and CPR certification

We ease the logistics so parents and kids can hop on our trailers and ride hassle-free. Call us anytime to book a high-action kids' ATV riding package that delivers muddy smiles all around!

To book Kids ATV riding sessions, feel free to call us at (863) 949-0496 or contact us here.

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