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Croom Off-Road Area ATV Riding

Crisp morning air carrying the melody of songbirds. Sun-kissed cheeks as you race through mud holes. Wind in your hair while ascending steep hills with vibrant wildflowers. Adventure pulses through your veins with every twist and turn along nearly miles of awe-inspiring Croom ATV riding trails.

As a top provider of safe and reputable Croom ATV riding experiences, we at Showdown ATV live for days overflowing with adrenaline and inspiration in the heart of Florida. Let us take you along nature’s rollercoaster through the true Florida wilderness.

About The Croom Off-Road Area

The extensive Croom Off-Road Area spans over 23,000 acres within the lush Withlacoochee State Forest between Orlando and Tampa. Its designated ATV trails are famous for stunning scenery, mile after mile of muddy amusement, and diverse trails catering to every skill level.

Crisscrossing wooded hills, tranquil meadows, winding creeks, and the Withlacoochee River, Croom ATV riding trails range from novice-friendly dirt paths to extreme hill climbs and log jumps guaranteed to inspire heart-pounding excitement. 

Families bond as beginners master the Level 1 Loop while adrenaline junkies test their skills on the Black Diamond course. With emergency repair assistance and camping areas, the wilderness welcomes all at Croom.

What’s in Our Croom ATV Rentals?

Are you ready to trade dull days for mud-slinging memories that will last a lifetime? As a top Croom ATV riding rental provider, Showdown has you covered for off-road adventures tailored to every age, skill level, and group size.

  • Affordable ATV Rental

Our fleet of latest-model automatic and manual ATVs combines heart-revving power with top safety ratings for a world-class riding experience. With reasonable hourly rates, we pride ourselves on offering family-friendly prices for epic full or half-day adventures. 

  • ATV Safety & Training

Safety is always our top focus. Our staff at Croom Off-Road Area will provide full operational and safety training before each ride. Also, our experienced Croom ATV riding guides keep a watchful eye on new riders. Our state-of-the-art ATVs also feature the most advanced safety technology, such as hill descent control for added stability on steep slopes.

  • Group Events

With vast open-air riding terrain minutes from major Florida cities, Croom is perfect for company outings, bachelor parties, and any special event. We offer group pricing packages with snacks, equipment, and pro guides. 

  • Beginner ATV Riding

With multiple beginner riding areas, Croom welcomes first-timers of all ages to grow their skills in a safe environment marked by winding trails of gentle dirt mounds. Kids revel in their independence, zipping down straight paths under eagle-eyed staff supervision while laughing parents capture their joy.

  • Kids ATV Riding

Kids need exploration and freedom in the great outdoors. Showdown offers a fleet of specialty youth ATVs to take the whole family off-road. Pint-sized riders will gain confidence maneuvering specially designed vehicle trails while experienced staff guide them through kid-friendly courses filled with new friends and smiles for miles.

  • Florida Tourist ATV Rental

Croom’s conveniently located trails allow visitors to trade crowded theme parks for a friendly adventure that reveals Florida’s wild spirit. Our rental process is quick and easy for tourists, allowing you to focus on creating memories bursting with roaring engines surrounded by scenic vistas.

  • Military Discount

To thank our troops for their service, we proudly provide a discount on all Croom ATV rentals and tours for active military members or veterans. Just show your military ID to receive savings on any off-road package.

Why Choose Showdown ATV?

When it comes to Croom off-road adventures in Florida, Showdown ATV emerges as the unrivaled choice, offering a compelling blend of diverse ATV fleet options, seasoned guides, and an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled excitement against the backdrop of Florida's breathtaking landscapes. At Showdown ATV, we go beyond the ordinary, striving to exceed expectations with every ride.

Our extensive ATV fleet caters to all preferences and skill levels, ensuring that each rider finds the perfect companion for their off-road journey. More than just a ride, Showdown ATV crafts an experience, transforming ordinary moments into memories etched in the thrill of muddy escapades. Our team of expert guides brings not only technical expertise but also a genuine passion for showcasing Florida's most spectacular scenery.

To book your Croom ATV riding session, feel free to call us at (863) 949-0496 or contact us here.

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