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ATV Rentals Near Lakeland

When the urban scenes of Lakeland start feeling too routine, and the itch for an adventure kicks in, Showdown A.T.V. stands ready to deliver. As a renowned spot for ATV enthusiasts, it promises trails that'll have your heart racing and memories that linger long after the dust settles.

About Lakeland

Situated in the heart of Central Florida, Lakeland is a city that beautifully interweaves modern life with nature. With its myriad of lakes (hence the name), residents and visitors are privy to picturesque views, serene boat rides, and the occasional sight of a swan gliding across the water. The historic downtown area, sprinkled with quaint boutiques and eateries, adds charm to the city’s profile. However, for those looking to swap the calm of lakeside views for the rush of off-roading, an adventure awaits just a drive away.

Driving Directions from Lakeland to Showdown A.T.V.

Transitioning from lake views to ATV trails is a cinch. Here's the path to your next adventure:

  1. Start by getting on I-4 W from E Main St.

  2. Follow I-4 W and take the exit for FL-570 W.

  3. Merge onto FL-589 Toll N using the exit for Ocala/Spring Hill.

  4. Continue on, then take the exit for FL-50 W/Cortez Blvd toward Brooksville.

  5. Sail along FL-50 W, and then make a right onto La Rose Rd.

  6. And voilà! Showdown A.T.V. awaits at 6420 La Rose Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602.

Switching gears from city life to an off-road spree has never been easier. Here's to your next adventure at Showdown A.T.V.!

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