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How to Choose the Best Florida ATV Service for Your Adventure

Updated: Jan 22

The Florida rental ATV industry has taken off in recent years, especially following the pandemic. More people from Orlando, Tampa, Brooksville, and other cities in the Sunshine State are looking to explore the wilderness without investing heavily in their own all-terrain vehicles. As a result, you can find several ATV rentals in Florida and even tour services offering off-road adventures in these powerful vehicles.

person riding an atv rental in tampa, fl

However, before you pick a company, you first need to learn how to choose the best Florida ATV rental service for your adventure. The process is no different from choosing any other service. You have to assess different factors, such as the location (terrain), cost, type of ATV, etc.

In this post, we’ll explore these factors in detail and share why SHOWDOWN ATV is your first and last stop for the ultimate outdoor ATV adventure.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an ATV Rental Service in Florida

1. Location

The first thing you need to decide is the “where.” Florida is home to three national forests and 38 state forests. Therefore, there’s an abundance of land with different types of terrain for outdoor activities, such as camping, foraging, fishing, seasonal hunting, and ATV riding. However, not every forest or park is suitable for riding all-terrain vehicles, due to safety concerns, lack of ATV rental services, and other issues.

Therefore, you need to look for the most popular riding trails, such as the Croom Motorcycle Area in the Withlacoochee State Forest, the Swamp Offroad Park, and the Ocala National Forest, among others.

2. ATV Quality

The second factor you need to consider is the ATV type and quality provided. For instance, any Orlando or Tampa ATV rental service you choose should have a fleet of well-maintained ATVs that aren’t too old, in terms of the model year. In some cases, the quality of the vehicle may also influence the rental cost.

For instance, service providers with an old fleet may charge less for the rental but require you to fill the gas tank before returning it. Some could even make your sign a rental agreement that makes you responsible for any damages. So, you have to be careful.

3. ATV Type

Today, you can find different types of ATVs in the market. So, you need to ensure that the rental service you opt for has options for everyone, in terms of riding capability, age, transmission, and additional features. Below are the most popular types you can find:

▪ Youth ATVs

These models are generally made for children and teenagers. Many Florida ATV rental services catering to families usually have these smaller, less powerful variants (between 50cc and 125cc) so they can ride them easily and safely.

▪ Entry-Level ATVs

Entry-level ATVs are designed for adults with no prior riding experience. Many services catering to beginners have them in their fleet so renters can ride them easily. These variants typically come with an automatic transmission and 125-250cc engines.

▪ Sports Quads

Sports Quads are ATVs with engines ranging between 200-400cc. These ATVs are the go-to options for riders with prior experience and decent handling skills. They’re faster and more suitable for rough terrains.

▪ High-Performance ATVs

Finally, many ATV rental services in Florida, such as SHOWDOWN ATV, offer high-performance ATVs with engines between 350cc and 700cc. These all-terrain vehicles are ideal for seasoned riders looking for machines they can take on sand, grass, rocks, hills, or any other terrain.

4. Safety

Despite the benefits of ATV riding for residents and tourists, this activity can also be incredibly dangerous. A typical ATV can weigh between 200-700lbs depending on the type, make, and model. Plus, most riders, especially those with no riders are riding into unchartered territories and navigating rough terrains.

So, there’s a high risk of injuries and accidents caused by judgment errors, obstacles, collisions, and other incidents. Therefore, safety is perhaps the most important factor you need to consider when choosing a Florida ATV rental service, especially if you’re opting for self-guided tours.

The first thing you need to check is whether they provide standard safety equipment and resources, such as:

▪ Helmets

▪ Goggles

▪ Reflectors

▪ Flags

▪ Over-the-Ankle Boots

▪ Seatbelt/Harness, etc.

Moreover, any service you choose should have supervisors and tour guides to help riders navigate different terrains and ensure their safety. Service providers should also have an emergency repair kit for ATV malfunctions during trips and a first aid kit for treating injuries following accidents.

Now It's The Perfect Time to Rent Your First ATV!

Are you tired of visiting Disneyland and looking for a new and more exciting adventure? Head to the SHOWDOWN ATV in the Withlacoochee State Forrest with your friends and family and explore 3,000 acres of wooded trails in our powerful and secure all-terrain vehicles.

As a leading ATV rental service in the Croom Motorcycle Area, we have optimized every aspect of our value offerings.

We have an extensive fleet of the latest and most powerful automatic/manual ATVs in the market along with a team of experts providing guided tours. We also offer industry-standard safety gear (helmets, gloves, etc.) to ensure our clients are safe during their off-road adventures. Furthermore, we can accommodate up to 20 individuals in a group and also welcome families with children between ages 8-11.

Now that you know how to choose the best Florida ATV rental service, feel free to learn more about our services and book a rental by calling {863)949-0496. We’re confident we can meet all your requirements and prompt you to return for more adventures in the future.

If you’re still on the fence, check out our service reviews as well to help with your decision.

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