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Special Occasions

Are you seeking adventure with a side of milestone memories? At Showdown ATV, we turn birthdays, bridal shower parties, and special events into off-road experiences that ignite smiles for miles. Let our exhilarating ATV rides take your celebration to thrilling new heights. Join us to embrace your wild side on and off the trails!

Celebrate Special Occasions through ATV Riding

We believe birthdays are for chasing childlike joy and making wishes come true. Let us turn your child’s special day into a muddy free-for-all they will cherish for years through our birthday ATV rides. Adult birthdays call for a touch of exotic adventure, too. Gather your gang to roar through Croom’s majestic rolling hills and dense forests on the latest high-performance ATVs.

We love infusing soon-to-be brides with carefree fun and bonding before the big day. Our Ladies Take Croom ATV packages let bridal parties channel their inner adrenaline junkie while creating lasting connections.

Brides deserve one last epic girls’ getaway before matrimony. Our bachelorette ATV riding tours let parties unite for an unforgettable adventure in the Florida wild.

What better bonding experience for the guys than rugged ATV riding? We will supply the wheels and Florida wilderness ready for conquering while you supply the bachelor-party spirit.

ATV touring provides the perfect recipe for strengthened connections and morale with coworkers. Trade boring team-building activities for rallying the crew to an exhilarating full or half-day Croom riding package.

Reignite your sparks with a couple’s day fueled by thrilling ATV adventure! Whether celebrating anniversaries, babymoons, or just precious days together, our romantic Croom riding sessions add powerful memories to cherish.

Why Choose Showdown ATV?

When milestone celebrations call for making moments that will brighten lives for decades, choose Showdown ATV. Our team handles every detail carefully, from riding coordination to trail navigation, so that groups can bond over miles of smiles. We provide state-of-the-art gear for all ages and skill levels, allowing anyone to answer adventure’s call in the scenic Florida we know and love.

Let us turn your next special occasion, whatever the reason, into an unforgettable off-road experience celebrating connection. Adventure awaits you in Florida’s backyard.

To book your ATV riding sessions, feel free to call us at (863) 949-0496 or contact us here.

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